Expert Committee


Sayandeb Banerjee 

CEO & Co-Founder at TheMathCompany, Ex SVP – MuSigma

Sayandeb has been in the analytics industry since its nascency. He has spearheaded multiple analytics transformations for organizations over his 20+ years of experience. Sayandeb was the first employee of the largest pure play analytics services company and as Head of Delivery was responsible for building a team of over 5000 employees. He played several intrapreneurial roles like designing training and pedagogy, establishing hiring practices, innovation, marketing & communications. He was also one of the founding members of GE Capital’s analytics centre. Some of his key achievements include:- 

  • Leading the charter for global banks and insurance companies by building capability centres across the world,
  • Building, mentoring and training high performance client teams to shape the culture of Fortune 100 enterprises,
  • Designing and executing best in class solutions in marketing, risk solutions for a diverse product portfolio & across the customer lifecycle,
  • Creating innovative solutions to attribute the impact of digital channels using advanced statistical methods.

Human Resources

Sukiran Maity

Co-founder and CEO at LitMass Analytics,
Ex- HSBC – VP (Head of Analytics – Risk, Operations & HR), American Express, GE Capital

Sukiran is an analytics entrepreneur with a focus on risk and compliance, operations and human resource management. He has a demonstrated track record of creating high calibre multi-location team that drives superior business outcomes and provides outstanding service and analytics experience to the business partners. His specialties include: 

  • Credit and fraud risk management analytics,
  • Financial crime risk and conducting risk management with an in-depth knowledge of operations risk,
  • Servicing based operation analytics for production management, procurement, service quality management and customer experience,
  • Workforce and HR analytics areas covering talent risk, learning, sourcing, organization development,
  • Advisory, consulting and action learning.


Prateep Basu 

Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer at SatSure,
Ex-Analyst – Northern Sky Research

A pass-out of Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology and International Space University, Prateep is our Space Guy.

He has worked as an Analyst at Northern Sky Research before co-founding SatSure. He also works as an Advisor at Bellatrix Aerospace.

Prateep’s work involves using Satellite data to make better data driven decision in Banking, Insurance and Agrotech Sector.


Ashish Raj Verma

Data and Analytics (Financial Services)
Advisor – The Virangana Project

Ashish is the Global Head of Data and Analytics of a Global Financial Services company and is based in Australia. He is also a technology and operations executive and management consultant.

Ashish is presently a part of the Advisory Board of the Virangana Project.

The mission of the Virangana Project is to identify 12 innovative start-ups in India that are either founded or run by women, to pair them up with high profile mentors to assist them in developing all the skills needed to set them up for success in the Australian start up world.

The Project is sector agnostic, encouraging Indian women from all industry sectors to apply, especially those with a high-tech, FinTech, or social enterprise focus.

Retail Experience

Devleena Bhattacharjee

Founder at Numer8, Co-Founder – Woocation

Devleena is the Gen-Y Analytics entrepreneur. Through her company, Numer8, she is helping entrepreneurs, especially start-ups to take data driven decisions.

She is a firm believer of the saying of the famous American Statistician and Engineer W. Edwards Deming “Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion”.

To that end, she, with her team of data enthusiasts are working towards discovering the meaning behind hidden patterns of data and delivering them proactively.

She thinks that the art lies in the easy-to-use delivery and the power in the actionable advice, discovering and learning more as I go.

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